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Re: SanDisk Developing 128 GB Micro-SD!!!!

On the newest firmware's diagnosis mode, you can't choose your region, you can only set language. Button scrolling it working, and in the system settings menu, there's an item that says "Diagnosis." I also just discovered that the diagnosis firmware doesn't reset your settings when you upgrade like the normal version does. But that's pretty much it
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Re: SanDisk Developing 128 GB Micro-SD!!!!

The SDHC format, though theoretically limited by hardware to a capacity of 2 TB, has been artificially limited to 32 GB by the current SDHC standard (SD 2.0).  The SDHC standard IS expected to be revised, allowing production of SDHC cards with capacities of greater than 32 GB, but these will most probably NOT be backward compatible to devices designed around current SD 2.0 standard and it's associated FAT32 file format.


The newly announced cards with capacities of 64 GB up to 2 TB will be formated as exFAT (FAT64) are are NOT compatible with existing SDHC slots at all.  They are designed around the new SDXC format standard.  They are NOT backward compatible to the older slots, whether full-size or micro, though conversely the older SDHC cards most likely CAN be read and written to by SDXC devices.


It is not possible to transform an existing slot's functionality from SDHC to SDXC merely via firmware upgrade alone, but requires a major hardware change including a new chipset.  Unfortunately this makes upgrading existing devices such as the Fuze impossible.


Sorry for the bad news guyz.




(I did not take the time to read thru this whole thread.  Sorry if this info appeared previously.)