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I just got a Black 4 GB Fuze, and it rocks!!!
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Re: OH YEAH!!!

Yay You! Smiley Very Happy
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Re: OH YEAH!!!

Congrats! I wanted Black also but Sandisk only makes the 8gb unit in silver!I wonder what there marketing strategy was on only marketing the 8 gb unit in silver? I did however get a smoke black silicon case for it!! Not as nice as the high gloss back but is adds some protection!!  Great choice you made! I Love the sound quality!  George
*His* 8GB Silver Fuze v01.02.31A also 8GB MicroSDHC card installed *Hers* 4GB red Fuze with 16GB micro SDHC card! Firmware v01.02.31A still installed. Acquired another 8GB Fuze also with firmware v01.02.31A now..