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Re: Need customizing tips (painting my fuze)

@14124all wrote:

Mask entire front face at seam line. D-A all original coating off. Wet sand with 400. Prime with self-etching light grey. Wet sand with 600. Base coat with silver metallic. Wet sand with 600. Color coat with Candy Apple Regal Blue. Wet sand with 600. Mask off for twin, boardered SS stripes. Color coat with Corvette CanAm White. Wet sand with 600. Transparent coat the stripes with White Pearl. Wet sand with 600. Remove stripe masking. Clear coat until stripe edges are buried. Wet sand with 800. Machine buff with fine compound. Hand buff with Mirror Glaze.

There you go! Your customized Candy Blue over Silver with White Pearl SS stripes Fuze!

Hope the face color isn't pink - LOL

Oops! Forgot to mask the power switch and microSD slot areas!

Sweeeet! Smiley Wink