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Re: MicroSDHC question

@George-W wrote:


Wow!  Thanks a great library! I did have a look at the LibriVox but finding looking here much better.. Seems to be much easier to look through books and sounds easy to download.. I have relatives in AZ so maybe I can do something through them to give me access.. 

Here this is what's in my town for online use. I could go there but you can't download anything unless you buy a disk from them.. Your link looks much more user friendly!


Thanks again!  George

George, that's true, there is a better listing.  However, when I looked at my library about 90% of the audiobooks were "checked out" and the rest weren't something I wanted to read.  So I've just been using librovox for now.  I may go back and I think I can put some on reserve, but didn't look into it.  After going through tons of pages of books "checked out" I just gave up for the time being.  And I didn't look to see if you needed anything special, I was just browsing to see what they had.