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God I forgot how good the music can sound........

I am here listening to my music from the computer instead of the Fuze. Oh how it sounds so much better from the hard drive on my computer.  I think I am giving up the Fuze for a hard drive machine. Oh what a fool I have been just what was I thinking?                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Oh now I remember, I needed a sound source for my motorcycle that would not self destruct from vibrations. So I guess I am still stuck with the inferior Fuze that has not broken yet.

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Re: God I forgot how good the music can sound........

What kind of soundcard does your PC have? Hard drive vs. Flash doesn't matter--that's just storing 1s and 0s. What matters is the chip that converts the 1s and 0s to vibrations in your ears. The Fuze has always sounded good to me compared to my laptop, because my laptop soundcard sounds like it was scrounged from a Chinese junkyard. But if you have a fantastic soundcard, great. Just out of curiosity....are you playing the music louder from your computer than from the Fuze? And are you using the same headphones?