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Re: Fuze SMC won't convert to SD Card

@s3nfo wrote:

Now we're getting somewhere, transfered a video from internal to the SD card. Took an hour to transfer 560 mb and the tried playing it and it froze during playback. Looks like I may have a bad card.


PromisedPlanet - you said you use Any Video Converter, what do you convert to. I'm using IMTOO to rip from DVD to MP3 or AVI, but have tried dragging and dropping ripped video direct to the Fuze, and Fuze doesn't see those. Seems you have to go through SMC to get the fuze to see the video.




An hour to transfer a 560MB file? That's way, way too long! You may indeed have a bad card. It's not a Kingston brand, is it?


The Fuze like AVI files, so it ususally works best to convert to this format first, then SMC should be able to handle the rest.

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Re: Fuze SMC won't convert to SD Card

Yep, even a Class 2 microSDHC card has a write speed of at least 2MB/sec, so a 560MB file should take under 5 minutes.


Unless SMC has radically improved since I tried it (about a year ago, I guess), I'm not sure why people keep talking about using SMC.  Just convert the file with a quality converter like Any Video Converter, then sync or manually copy the file to your Fuze.