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Re: Feature Request: Queuing Songs/Albums

@sansafix wrote:

We have added the ability to queue up albums to the Go list to the feature enhancements requests internally.


Have you considered to use the "Genre"  to queue up songs related to your mood in the interim.


If you select a certain album for playback,  it loads the album.  When the album is done, press the down arrow ,  Back to music list, back up one level and select another album.


There is the ever popular "Play All"  and "Shuffle"  available as well. 

Thank you. This feature would be greatly helpful for many people.


The problem with the "Genre" feature is that it requires proper labelling via the MP3 tags. As someone who ripped his considerable music collection almost 5 years ago, I'm not going to go through and check to make sure my ripping program and it's online database properly labelled my 600 albums' genres to my satisfaction (Is Uncle Tupelo under Alt-Country or Punk? Public Enemy under rap or hip-hop? etc.)

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Re: Feature Request: Queuing Songs/Albums

I'm pretty fussy with the genre tag, and it is immensely useful because of that. I keep the number of genres down to a reasonable number - a couple dozen. It took a few hours to get my original library tagged, but now its just a few minutes here and there. Before I put something on a player, I drag the directory to MP3tag and set the tags - it takes much less than a minute.


Now when I'm looking for some music on a player (any player that supports tags), I usually go to genre first and don't have to do much scrolling.

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Re: Feature Request: Queuing Songs/Albums

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@Riolist wrote:
There was a mass exodus of Creative firmware developers heading towards Sandisk? For real?


When is an exodus NOT a "mass exodus"?

Okay, but back on track. This was requested months ago. I wish it had made it into the .15 update. Sansafix says they've added it to some "to do" list, but to just use the genre tags to play certain kinds of music, depending on your mood, in the meantime. While I personally DO keep my music tagged properly, lots of people might not, so Genre might not be a viable option. There was also a suggestion to just play one album, then when it's done, play another one. Still doesn't apply when I want to listen to a mix of 3 or 4 different artists (maybe of different genres, even). Analogy:


"I'd like some pancakes."


"Here's some flour. It's just as good."


"I don't like plain flour, I wanted pancakes."


"Well, you don't need pancakes. Just eat the flour, then eat some eggs, then some salt, baking powder, and milk. At the end of the day, you'll have all the same stuff. Plus, our engineers are busy redesigning the start-up logo of the serving plates, so the pancakes probably won't be in the next firmware update either."


... Maybe I stretched that analogy a little too thin.


Oh, and please don't mistake my frustration over this device for a dissatisfaction with my Fuze. I love it, just as it is, and I really do appreciate the work going into keeping it updated and bug-free. I just thought this would be a higher-priority request than it has turned out to be.

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