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Re: Different Fuze Colors

I noticed the colors are actually darker than depicted online as well. The Fuze was sold out everywhere on Black Friday except Walmart since it was not on sale there. I took the Best Buy circular and showed them it was on sale for $50 and they price matched it. They only had red though. However, when I saw it, it was like a very dark red and I decided to get it. It wasn't that bright red like you see when you look in circulars or online.
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Re: Different Fuze Colors

Photographs don't do the red justice either.  It looks very nice in person, a solid deep metallic.  I noticed the white tone depicted in the Audible photo, though that may be silver...but the silver is more of an anthracite color, isn't it?  I am split between the black lacquer and the look of white.


Most likely, the production devices are limited to the black / red / blue / pink / silver choices, of course.  I'd love one in a gold pearl white (a real pearlescent paint).  Maybe in the future, with 16GB...


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Re: Different Fuze Colors

I'm waiting for a real Cobalt Blue but my Silver 8gb with the 16gb microSD card rocks too.