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Re: Converted video without SMC successfully

If your computer isn't seeing your Fuze, unplug it and (on the Fuze) go into 'settings > system settings > USB mode' and change it to MSC. Don't know how well the auto setting works and MTP is for connecting through Windows MediaPlayer.
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Re: Converted video without SMC successfully

Mmm I wouldn't like to spam, but there's also video4fuze out there, which is both free as in free beer and as in free speech.

It also has a very nice developer you can actually talk to :smileyhappy:


There's also a pretty good guide by ewelot on how to convert videos with avi-mux GUI and mediacoder.


I say this because this seems to a be a resurrected very old thread (a lot older than video4fuze)


Tired of Sansa Media Converter? You want to put videos on your fuze but you can't use SMC? Then, check video4fuze

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