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Cant view videos on my Fuze

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I have videos in MP4 format but I cant seem to view the videos on my Fuze. I drag and drop them onto the device but cant seem to view them.
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Re: Cant view videos on my Fuze

You need to use the Sansa Media Converter to convert them into a format the Fuze supports. The SPECS do say MP4 format, but I think it actually uses AVI containers. If you don't use Windoze, though, you can use the following specs to convert the videos to an agreeable format in a program that supports AVI files:


Sound: MP3

--no. of channels:2
--sample rate:44100khz

Video Container: Fully interleaved AVI
Codec: MPEG-4 (Simple Profile level 1 or 2)
Bitrate: Up to 512 Kbps
Resolutions: QCIF+ (224x176)
FPS: Up to 20 fps