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Re: Best earbuds for under $20?

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Well, if not skullcandy, then I'm getting these:


Match my red Fuze. Smiley Tongue 



I have 40% hearing loss, it only gets worse, I work in Radio, have played in Rock and Metal bands since I was 7. ALL I USE IS SKULLCANDY. I do have a set of $200 Shure IEMs for stage shows. But In the radio Studio Skull Candy TiTan IEM, Remote recevier (its how I hear realtime radio when I do a live remote) Skull Candy Ink'd, Sansa Products, Skull Candy Full Metal Jacket.  I swear by them. If they go under ever I will not know what to do. Try the Cany... you wont be sorry.

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Re: Best earbuds for under $20?

I love my Marshmallows, they have good balance between treble and bass naturally without any EQ. I'm not so sure about Skullcandy because I have heard more complaints than I have compliments, but you could always try them!
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Re: Best earbuds for under $20?

You could find useful options in the following link which lists some of the best earbuds that you can find.

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Re: Best earbuds for under $20?

Congratulations on resurrecting a five-year-old thread.