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Re: Audiobooks

"With over 24 hours or playback time I would personally rather keep the VERRRRY small size rathar than have the bulge AA or even AAA batteries would add.  Honestly, how long are you ever away from a charging source? "


Its not about being away from a charging source for so long, but instead about remembering to charge the player, and leaving time to do that. While some people want the thinnest player possible, others wouldn't mind a slightly thicker player if it gave them more options, as long as the player still fits in a shirt pocket. Some models could have a built in battery to be ultra slim, others could be a bit thicker while having a replaceable lion battery, while still others could use a AA or AAA battery and have a smaller basic display without video. At least we should be given a choice, and not have player makers say you must have a built in battery whether you like it or not.

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Re: Audiobooks

Through the Audible audiobook converter, you can get rid of DRM protection from Audible, convert Audible audiobook to plain formats without any loss and customize your own audiobook, as well as keep chapter information and ID tags.