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Re: Are you happy with the battery life on the Fuze?

As an answer to the original question, yes, I am perfectly content with the battery life on the Fuze. With my usage (while exercising every day, in the car back and forth to work, various other times) it easily lasts for several days. And if it's low, I simply hook it up and charge over night, and it's ready in the morning.


I wouldn't want a AA battery based player, it would increase the size too much. The current Fuze size is great, no need to change that.


I also find that how it is used makes a big difference. My wife and I used to do a 6 hour drive out to my daughter's college. I would use the player the whole time each way, playing pretty continuously the whole time. After 12 hours of play time, it would be barely down to half charge. But using it in normal daily activites, with a lot more on-off activity, it does not last nearly as long, I think. The on-off cycle seems to drain the battery a lot faster.

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Re: Are you happy with the battery life on the Fuze?


@JK98 wrote:

Which rechargeable batteries did you use in the Tekkeon mp1550? Were they nimh? The mp1550 won't charge nicad batteries. Perhaps you might have done something else wrong, or there was a problem with your batteries? The Tekkeon mp1550 manual also states that the batteries should be completely depleted before charging them in the device.

I was using NiMH 2000 mAH rechargeable. The batteries were run down until my fuze wouldn't charge. The tekkeon popped while trying to use it to charge. It never got hot. It flashed red indicating it wouldn't charge the batteries. And it  just wouldn't light up anymore or charge my fuze. I did do my due diligence and put a different set of recharged batteries in the tekkeon. No green lights. JK98, if yours hasn't popped yet, keep it safe. I believe they made a bad batch of units. The bad reviews for the tekkeon 1550 start to concentrate in June 2010 and extends to today on Amazon and the product came out over a year ago..