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8 GB Fuze only has 2 GB available?

I've been having a lot of problems with the free space on my Fuze, so I decided to move all the albums to a folder on my computer and delete them off of the player to figure it out. Doing this, I noticed that it says it only had about 2 GB available. After I cleared the entire player how is it possible that I only have 2 GB available??? I looked in all of the other folders, but there wasn't anything there, so how in the world did my mp3 player go from 8 GB to 2 GB?
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Re: 8 GB Fuze only has 2 GB available?

I don't know if this helps but this seems likely to help. I'm not a big expert on the Fuze, but format the Fuze through the Fuze. Go Under settings, then system settings, then Format. Say yes. You will lose everything, so back everything up if you haven't, yet.


Hope this helps!

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Re: 8 GB Fuze only has 2 GB available?

You forgot the mention that you're using a Mac like you did in your other duplicate post. Yes, it matters.


Please see my response. Hope it helps.

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Re: 8 GB Fuze only has 2 GB available?

Use the resident (on the player) format command to format the internal memory to FAT32.  It sounds like you are formatted as FAT, giving only 2GB available.


As you format the device, please note that this will erase all media from the Sansa.  You will have to reload your music.


On the Sansa Fuze: Settings > System Settings > Format > Yes.