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Re: sound clipping


@busteroni wrote:

Tried all of the above. New cables and I still get sound clipping (if that is really what is happening) if I turn the volume up to max on mp3 player. The volume on my amp is almost up all the way. This should be way too loud to sit in front of the speakers but not with this unit. I have no experience with these little mp3 players. Maybe it is a problem with these things. I us a portable cd player like a walkman to play mp3 cds through my amp and get tons of volume. Still looking for the right answer. Thanks for all the suggestions though.

I have run my Sansas at max volume, with the players' EQ set to "Normal" for hours on end.....and there was no clipping....and I did not have to turn my stereo up that much louder. A little bit louder than a CD player? Yes....but not that much more.


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Re: sound clipping

Well I tried a different wire. This one is one piece, a mini into two rca plugs and that seems to have been the problem. Now I have plenty of volume. Thanks to all for your imput. Problem solved.