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is it dying

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I had just plugged my mp3 player to speakers when im at the gym and w/o a warning or anything.  the mp3 player died.  And i thought is I could have sourn that i just charged it. so i listened to the radio and got home and plugged it in.  and it's apparently dead.  why didnt it at least give a warning that it was near the end.

bl1302clbk-8gb  (the l could be i  hard to read the tiny text).


EDIT.  I read another post. I did the reset it and it DID work.  Can someone explain why I had to reset it.. is it dying or just a little bug within the player?

(I'm so **bleep**ing glad the player is working again lol, later today im going to try and back up all the music too)

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Re: is it dying

It is just a glitch in the player. Occasionally the player needs to be reset.

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Re: is it dying

And I sometimes have had a Clip die and then refuse to come back to life with a re-set--and then the next day, after just having been alone left to "rest," the player starts just fine, as if the previous day had never occurred.


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