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Re: audiobook on CD to mp3

got them to merge finally by renaming them all to something else, then renaming them all back, but now no matter how I enter the names of the tracks they wont play in the right order with-in the clip.


I have tried naming them for example:





but the clip will say on top in yellow 8/16 but will actually be playing xenocide 16/16


is this a known issue?


someone help please

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Re: audiobook on CD to mp3

I bought the Audible audiobooks on CD edition, however, the extensions are AA/AAX with the DRM protection, currently I used the DRM Audible Converter for Mac to help me convert the Audible audiobooks to MP3. And then I my play the MP3 files when I am waiting a bus, taking a train and so on. Thanks to the good converter. 

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Re: audiobook on CD to mp3

Does the Audible DRM Removal Software support converting convert the audiobook to WMA? Then I don't need to find another MP3 to WMA tool.

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Re: audiobook on CD to mp3

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Looking at the first sentence in the link in your post, it seems to answer your question:


"Best Audiobook from iTunes Audible DRM Removal Software to Convert Audible to MP3, AAC, M4B, M4A, WAV, FLAC Audios"


I don't see WMA listed, but what's wrong with MP3? Given you're dealing with audiobooks, sound quality shouldn't be an issue. You can still rip to a low bit-rate to save memory space.

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Re: audiobook on CD to mp3

M4B audiobooks from differnet source have differnert solution when converting them to MP3. Taken iTunes M4B audiobooks as example, iTunes audiobooks are also encoded in DRM technology, which prevents you playing audiobooks from iTunes on authorized devices and players. As for converting iTunes M4B to MP3, you need to remove DRM protection from iTunes audiobooks. So you need to equip with a special M4B converter, like Audio Converter for Windows that is also a DRM removal software. 


Good news is that this Apple Music Converter for Mac is also available for DRM and DRM-free M4B audiobooks. Put it another, you are able to convert DRM and DRM-free M4B audiobooks to MP3 with using the one tool. As for the tutorial to convert M4B to MP3, please refer to this source page: Convert M4B to MP3