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Sansa plug in without battery

Hi guys,

I accidentally washed my sansa clip and tried drying it out to no avail.

I opened it up and accidentally cut one of the battery wires. I promply tried holding the wires onto the contacts and turning it on and it did, briefly. This confirms that it works.

I removed the battery and was wondering if it was possible to plug the sansa into my pc to salvage the music without having the battery in? basically, will it turn on when I plug it in if it doesn't have a battery in it.


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Re: Sansa plug in without battery

Some of the previous Sansa's would work without batteries.  Never tried the clip.


That said, if you just pulled the wire off (and the water didn't ruin the player) it should be easy enough to solder the wire back on.

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Re: Sansa plug in without battery

Or, if you don't like hot solder, you can use conductive glue on the wire. 


As to playing/using the player without the battery, it may work:  with the original Clip, there sometimes was the issue that one of the leads to the battery would become detached--the player still would work when connected to a power source.  And so yours may still work.  Why not try it?  It shouldn't hurt your computer, I don't think (but if others know better, speak up). 


Good luck!