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Sansa Clip + Rhapsody

I attempted to charge and sync my Clip through Rhapsody.  I received a message from Rhapsody stating that "Your device is not operating properly. To fix this problem, you need to reformat the device."  


I have (1) Reformatted the Clip; (2) Reset to factory settings; and (3) Downloaded and installed the latest firmware (V01.02.18A).

I still receive the same Rhapsody message.


I have checked "My Computer" and the Clip appears under "Portable Devices". Right clicking on the Sansa icon tells me the device is working properly.


I have checked Device Manager and find that the device is working properly.


I am able to transfer a song to the Clip using Windows Media Player.


Is there a compatibility issue between Sansa and Rhapsody?


My Rhapsody version is



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Re: Sansa Clip + Rhapsody

Did you re-authorize the device with Rhapsody?