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Playlist creation

Is it possible to create a playlist that has shortcuts to the songs instead of another copy of the songs?  I've just started trying to create a playlist. I have the sandisk plugged in to my computer. I see it in Windows 10 file manager. All I can get it to do is copy the songs to a folder I create under the PLAYLIST folder which is basically doubling the space being used for that song. What I want is all my songs to play when its just me listening (no playlist) and a subset (playlist) to play depending on what group I'm with. Is doubling the space (or more) the only way to do this? Thanks....

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Re: Playlist creation

Take a look at this batch command method to create a m3u playlist directly within a subfolder of music files (and other subfolders) within the Music folder of a Sansa player.  I have been using this method for ~18 months wih my Clip Sports(s).