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Old Clip with a Dead Display

I have a Clip whose display died a few years ago. Totally black. On a lark, I plugged it into my computer tonight and realized I have quite a bit of music on it. I disconnected the Clip from the computer and by pushing a few buttons I was able to start playing the music through my headphones. Unfortunately, it seems I managed to set it to Repeat One Song. I'd like it to just play through the songs sequentially, once.


Looking at the manual, there's a section for Playing Music that explains how to set the repeat function. It involves pressing the submenu button while playing a song to enter Menu Options, then scrolling to Repeat. Unfortunately, I can't see the options as I'm scrolling. So, my question is: Once I press the submenu button, what is the order of options in the submenu? In other words, how many times do I have to press Down to get to the Repeat options? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Old Clip with a Dead Display

Did you ever get anywhere with this?


My display died but while it was fading I made some button-push notes so I could do some things blind.


I have a tip that might help, but I don't want to type it out if I don't need to.


Reply if you want to compare notes.