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No Stopping the Music?!?! No option to drop files?!?!

Cool, just purchased my first "larger-than-1-gig" mp3 player, and I cannot get it to stop playing.  There is no option or button to stop the f*$k!^g music.Robot Mad


PLUS, I charged it fully and stuck it in the PC.  All I got was a box that said "transfer files to Windows Media"? or "Take no Action?" 

First of all, WMP sucks.  I hate it.  Why can't I just open the folder??

I am looking at the directions that came with it, and it says: PC USERS DRAG N DROP FILES...etc etc

My computer apparently doens't seem to recognize this device ANYWHERE on my system. 


I have inserted the tiny disc and updated the latest.  Still nothing.  Is this a joke?  I am so pissed right now.

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Re: No Stopping the Music?!?! No option to drop files?!?!

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  1.  Press the top (12 o'clock position) button. That is the PAUSE button. Press it again to PLAY. There is no STOP button.
  2.  Better to switch to MSC mode (Settings > System Settings > USB Mode > MSC). Then it won't kep trying to connect to WMP. It will look like any other flash drive or 'dumb' memory storage space to your computer. It will have 2 drive letters, one for the player and one for the memory card slot, regardless of whether there is a card inserted or not.
  3.  Switching to MSC should solve this issue.
  4.  Ditto.
  5.  The tiny disc has nothing on it you actually 'need', unless you 'need' a trial subscription to Rhapsody. Use it as a cold beverage coaster instead. Smiley Tongue
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Re: No Stopping the Music?!?! No option to drop files?!?!

I've never done that, don't really drink but a) the thing has a hole in the middle and b) things would slide around, so it probably isn't even good as a coaster.

Another thing, my Dell is meant to stand on its side which means the CD player doesn't like this size disk (it will work if I turn the computer to lie flat.

Stick with MSC mode and windows explorer unless you intend to purchase protected music.