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Ok I understand that I am a newbie, but I don't understand why my new clip (which is my 1st mp3) has no directions with it???????


I have windows media player 10 and I started dowloading cd's and songs and It worked the 1st night! Got to listen for a few hours. Now 3 days later I have not been able to play my clip and when I turn it to a song I get the message "Synchronize to continue music subscription" I haven't done anything different???


Can anyone give me a suggestion before I give up!!!!

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Re: Help

1.  You might want to change your thread title to something descriptive--otherwise, most threads would simply say "Help!", which people can tend to ignore.


2.  There is a (somewhat basic and outdated) manual for the Clip; it's available through the "General info." or similarly-named sticky thread at the top of the forum.


3.  There are many threads on syncronization issues.  You may want to do a search using the search box at the upper left.