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Help with finding a new player



I have a Clip Zip that I use almost every day and love it. What I am looking for now I can't find and

was hoping I might get a lead here. I am looking for a "Traditional" Boom Box, but not some large monstrosity.


Here is what I need:

1. Great sound and enough punch to listen outside without overdriving the speakers

2. Must have a MicroSD slot or other that can be adapted to microsd

3. I will be playing MP3s from the SD card

4. A screen so I can select what I want to listen to, like the Clip Zip screen

5. A remote (If possible)

6. CD Player (Not a necessity)

7. A radio (Not a necessity)


I want to be able to take the MicroSD card out of my Clip Zip and put it into this player


Thank you in advance for your time!





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Re: Help with finding a new player