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Earbuds versus headphones

I was using the earbuds that came with the Clip+, and was disappointed that even at the loudest setting (and with the level set on High), I could barely hear my music.  Today I tried using regular headphones and was amazed at the difference.  Not only was the volume satisfactorily high, but the sound quality itself was much better.  I expected an improvement, but not that much of an improvement.


Have others had similar experiences?  Does the brand of earbud make much difference?


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Re: Earbuds versus headphones

Earbuds are very different, pair to pair--just like with headphones.  Also, with earbuds, it is imperative to get a good fit and seal--otherwise, the base can be non-existent.  I suspect that was the issue you had.  For that reason, many earbuds come with different sized tips, to try to get the best of fits.