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DJ'ing playback - [Feat. Request]

After sucessfully requesting FLAC playback on the CLIP, I'm back to propose a playback feature for social gathering events.

It would be wonderful to just plug my Clip to some some speakers and instantly turn the surrounding area into a dance floor.


For that CLIP would need an option that would:


 - Remove (not play) silence from the start and end of soundfiles

 - Merge the X seconds from song A end and song B start. Here X should be optional (2 sec., 5 sec., 10 sec., etc)

 - Apply a linear volume fade-out on the X seconds of song A and a linear volume fade-in on the X first seconds of song B


This would turn the Sansa into a party essential and a  DJ-job-killer (pardon my overstatement)!


If you would also like this, please post it here, so sansa developers consider it.





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Re: DJ'ing playback - [Feat. Request]

You're talking about gapless playback, cross-fade and fade in/out, all of which have been discussed to death here. SanDisk isn't going to do it, especially on a long-discontinued player, but Rockbox (3rd-party, open souce firmware) already has these features (and many more). Smiley Happy

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Re: DJ'ing playback - [Feat. Request]

Yep--Rockbox seems ideal, here, to fill the OP's needs!   Smiley Happy