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Clip broken again, what's a good reliable alternative?

I got a clipv2 say 1-1,5 year ago, which suddenly stopped working, I wasn't able to turn it on anymore and the reset procedures did not work. So I got a clip+, which worked fine for half and year after which the headphone jack solder connection (left channel) failed. I was able to fix this, but this lasted only a couple of months, before it failed again. In the mean time for an unknown reason I got the clipv2 to turn again, weird. Although I do like the clips, considering the poor reliability, I'm hesitant to get me another clip. What are similar small, but more reliable players?

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Re: Clip broken again, what's a good reliable alternative?

Sometimes the reset procedure doesn't work on the Clip players. In that case if you let the player sit for a couple days it'll reboot automatically when the battery gets below a certain level (usually takes about 2-3 days). Probably why your clip worked again when you picked it up a year later.