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Charging my sansa clip+....


I'm trying to charge my mp3. I plug it into my laptop as usual. It comes up with "Connected" changes screen to "Writing" with the battery icon completely full..... 

I unplug the mp3 and the battery is completely empty and it shuts off due to 'Low Battery" 
I have reset it for 30+ seconds and done all that I can think of to try and sort this but to no avail.... 

Can anyone offer any advice of what I can do????? 


Thank you

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Re: Charging my sansa clip+....

Sounds like there may be some hardware issue with the charging circuitry. Is the unit still within warranty?

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Re: Charging my sansa clip+....

It also could be--an early issue with the original Clip--that the battery lead to/from the battery has become undone.  If you have no options otherwise--such as a warranty replacement--you could try carefully opening up the player and reattaching the lead, by re-soldering or using conductive glue.