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Re: Be wary of Sears deals!

AFAIK, the simple answer to the last question is you don't have to "safely disconnect" in MTP mode (how would you...go to the Control Panel...?), but out of habit I do when in MSC mode (it could be in the process of writing to the Clip's drive).  But since the Clip is solid-state, my sense is the worst that happens is you reformat the Clip and put your music back on it.



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Re: Be wary of Sears deals!

I leave the USB cable attached to the computer, and just plug the other end of it into the Clip.....seems to work fineSmiley Happy
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I work for Sears and until recently we didn't have Clips at my store or I would have bought mine there instead of at Office Depot.  Two things could be happening, a distributor had a bunch and and sold them to Sears or Sears bought them last year and lost them in the warehouse.  Either way, if you have problems, send it back to Sansa.
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Re: Be wary of Sears deals!

@sunnyday wrote:


I did get the battery charged to 100%.  However, it's already gone down to 92%, after sitting for a few hours, during which time it was turned off and not being used at all.  Maybe after a few cycles of charging and discharging this will improve.


My packaging says 2007, by the way.


Well, that REALLY sounds like a defective unit.  If you search in the forums, you will realize that this battery 'leakage' was not uncommon in the first units to come to the market (FYI, my Clip can stand turned off for a couple of weeks without losing charge). Sears or Sansa should replace your unit.