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FM Transmitter

Hi There,


Considering a Sansa Clip+, and looking for recommendations on an FM transmitter for use in the car. I see Best Buy's web site offers one by Griffin Technologies that has gotten very mixed reviews.


What are people here using? Any models that seem to work very well? Any models to avoid like the plague?





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Re: FM Transmitter

If you do a search, you'll find very mixed reviews here as well. While I'm sure there are some that are better quality than others, the biggest difference in actual usage and the success (or not) rate seems to be the geographical area you live in and the volume of radio stations on the FM band and their proximity on the dial.


Some people have good luck, but I believe the majority think FM transmitters are a waste of money.

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Re: FM Transmitter

I don't know if the Clip uses the 30 pin connector or not, but I paired my Fuze with the Maximo FM transmitter from Amazon and I am quite happy with it.  I have used it from DC to central NJ with only having to change stations once.  It will override weak stations even in my wife's car which probably has the antennae in the worst place for an FM transmitter, on the roof, toward the rear of the car.  Her Zune transmitter works pretty well, but not quite as well as the Maximo.  I would recommend trying the Maximo brand, if the Clip does not have a 30 pin connector like my Fuze, then see if they offer a transmitter with a headphone jack.  I had a Griffin transmitter paired with my Sony MP3 player, my only option was to get the transmitter that uses the headphone jack and it did not work nearly as well as the Maximo or the Zune transmitter.  Perhaps my Griffin was a defect or perhaps the headphone jack does not work as well as a brand specific connector, all I know is that there is a big difference between the Griffin and the Maximo and Zune transmitters as far as performance (i.e. static, how frequently do stations override the transmitter, sound quality, etc.).


One warning, if you like a lot of songs with "dead" time or where the sound is low, then no FM transmitter will make you happy.  Even the Maximo has a minimal level of background static that makes the "quiet" moments in some of my music not quiet and even overrides the lower volume music so that if a song has a gradual build up, for ex., part of that build up is cut off, but overall, my music has few songs that are like that so I can live with the few songs that this does affect.  Also, the overall quality is not quite as good as listening to a CD or even a strong radio station, but again, if you are willing to live with these limitations, a good FM transmitter is not too bad of a compromise, IMHO.

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Re: FM Transmitter

Paired with the wee Sansa Clip, this device follows the same design philosophy:


The Philips Trans Cast is just a little larger than the Clip, and runs on a AAA battery too.  No wire jungle atop the center console!  I agree that the Maximo FM transmitter is excellent for the 30-pin Sansas, with their docking connector.  I've tried a few transmitters, and their signal-to-noise performance often underwhelms.  Granted, whether you will have a good experience with a transmitter is NOT entirely dependent upon your choice of device, since the FM radio and antenna design varies so much between automobile manufacturers.


I found the Philips device quite by accident.  Now, my wife won't let me have it back.


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Re: FM Transmitter

I just got the griffin one from best buy yesterday. I got it to work in my truck, the volume doesn't go as loud as I might like and there is a little static noise but it's OK I guess.


I didn't get it to work very well at work at all. We have portable radios, and since it's inside a hospital most of the stations don't pick up. I figured this would make it even better for the transmitter but it didn't work at all in most cases.


I am not planning to get a better one, I don't think the increase in performance would be worth the differance in cost. My roommate got a tape adapter, where you connect the fuze to a "tape" with a cable, then put the tape in the tape player. It worked pretty good!


I don't have a tape deck in my truck, only a CD. Oh well.

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Re: FM Transmitter

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Re: FM Transmitter

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I use the transcast fm it works great range is up to about 25 feet runs on rechargeable batteries includes a car charger I got mine at kaleeko for about $20 with free shipping
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Re: FM Transmitter

The Philips:  way cool looking!  At from private seller companies, as low as around $10 shipped!