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Armband for Fuze?

Has anyone seen a neopren (or similar) armband+case designed for Sansa Fuze? The leather travel kit offered on the Sansa site is pretty much awful, I'd rather have something much lighter and sports-like...
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Re: Armband for Fuze?

Look on the FUZE board. There is a rather lengthy thread on the subject. Smiley Happy
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Re: Armband for Fuze?

I have seen the exact thing. It's even made of neophrene! There are a few other cases for Sansa Fuze and Sansa e200 on the page:  :smileywink:

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Re: Armband for Fuze?

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Also offered at the China/Hong Kong/Singapore "gadget" websites; had a case/armband combo yesterday at $1 including shipping (the case would have been much too small for the Fuze--it would only work for the Clip--but the price for the armband alone would have justified the purchase). 


edit:  Oops, just remembered that you still would need a case with a clip on it, to use the armband with the Fuze (it's just an armband--no player "pouch" on it).  (Sorry, I use my Clip more than the Fuze.)


Here's the Meritline link for the product regardless, now at $1.99 shipped. 

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