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Re: Building audio database

@johnjaypl wrote:


It's curious that the  music can be played from files but not when you launch the music player. The music player seems to get lost formating audio files and formating thumbnails. Why does it need to format audio files for the music player but not when you play music from the file system? And if processing thumbnails is what is taking all the processing time then they should just add a switch to disable thumbnails - until they figure out a better solution.
The app is not changing or reencoding the audio file. From the email from support you posted it seems the issue is related tot he app parsing the metadata for the audio files to build the audio library database. Folder view works because the app is not parsing the metadata to build the library database. They confirmed they are working on the issue so I am sure it will be improved in a future update. 


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Re: Building audio database

The app sometimes says ________ ( I forget the exact word and I don't want to ever try the music button again because I finally have my music is a form that I can use.) audio and sometimes it is processing thumbnails. Most of the the time seems to be spent on the thumbnails but then it goes back to audio.


Sure, they confirmened they're working on the issue after they told me they never heard of this problem beore, afte they had me reformat my disk and loose the 70GB of audio  I had put on it, after I had to reload the app on my IOS, after I had to arrange a phone call with them, after I had to send them all kinds of model numbers and revs for both my SanDisk and IOS device, after I had to use their debug log to mail them debug information - then, yes they said - we're aware of that problem! I kid you not.


Why are you sure it will be improved? Have you used their music player? Ignoring that it doesn't work for anything but tiny music libaries, have you ever seen a less capable IOS music player? Do the people who created this terrible app even listen to music? Do they have a music library that they tried to put on their creation and use? Have they tried to use Apple's music player so they could learn what features a music player should have? It doesn't look that way to me.


And why did they release this product without testing it with substantial music libraries? Do they even do Beta testing? And why don't they even respond to problems on their own forum?


If it's a simple bug with meta data processing why is it taking so long to fix? People have been reporting this problem to them since before Christmas?

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Re: Building audio database

Kudos to johnjaypl for persistence in following up this bug and at least getting some kind of response.


Unfortunately, while people have been complaining about this for more than 4 months here, anyone from SanDisk looking at this forum (IF they ever do) will find just a small handful of users who have written about it.

So they could brush it off as a limited problem and not prioritise it.

I can't believe that we're the only people who bought the ixpand with music in mind. This seemed the perfect way to circumvent juggling internal memory and getting round the hassles with iTunes and the various alternatives - just plug in the USB drive and drop your files in "Music".

What could be easier? Nothing.

What could be faster? Just about anything!


It would be good to know what happened to the earlier posters - does the database ever get built? And what happens when you add a few more songs or delete something? Does the whole process start all over again?

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Re: Building audio database

So here it is a year-and-a-half later, but I found this thread because I'm also having this problem.  Anybody driving the bus?