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iXpand Base Support Information Page

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iXpand Base Product Support Information Page
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Re: iXpand Base Support Information Page

Interesting idea. Too bad though, that it doesn't charge wirelessly those phones that have the capability.

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Re: iXpand Base Support Information Page

current iPhones do not have wireless charging. It is rumored to be coming in the iPhone 8 that is supposed to be out in September but the current iPones don't have wireless charging. 

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Re: iXpand Base Support Information Page

Been using the iXpand base for about a month, and overall, it's a pretty painless and slick solution to the phone backup problem.  My only beef with it is that I have "raise to wake" set on my iPhone 7, and in the morning, after charging and backing up overnight, when I lift the phone up to disconnect it from the charger, it wants to start the backup process again right when I disconnect the charging/sync cord.  Quite irritating, becuase it generates a bunch of error messages on the phone (though doesn't seem to cause problems for the backups already on the iXpand Base.  Is anyone else encountering this issue?

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Re: iXpand Base Support Information Page

I haven't seen that issue, but you may want to verify that you have the latest version of the iXpand Base app on your phone, the latest version is 2.2.


Reboot your iPhone and try again. If you still see these errors make sure that you have space on your SD card within the base unit. To help transfer data from the SD card to your computer you can check out this article that is in the KB pages:



Also you can reach out to Sandisk support for additional help :