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Sandisk Ultra II problem with controller SATA?

Good morning, i have buy a Sandisk Ultra II 1 Tb 1,5 years ago, installed into my Lenovo Ideapad Z510 and work good with Windows 10. Last week after an upgrade of Avira (3-4 day after Meltdows microsoft patch) i found my notebook crashed with BSOD screen that says inacessible boot device. Do not work also safe mode of Windows 10. Into Bios i found boot set on legacy (normally was on UEFI). Changed to UEFI, notebook cant start with error screen "default boot device missing or boot failed. Insert recovery mdia and hit any key then select boot manager to chose a new boot device or to boot recovery media".

Fortunately my Lenovo notebook have a reset button and with it i can start bios and change to Legacy boot parameter. Outside my notebook the SSD work, like external hard drive with another notebook.

I ask what happen on Microsoft forum. They says that Sandisk Ultra II is incompatible with Lenovo controller (think SATA controller). But last 1,5 years SSD work fine. Then i have never know that exist incompatible controller for SSD. But after three years can be that my lenovo sata controller it's breaking. This can explains what happen? I can do some test? i can repair it?


Thanks for help

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Re: Sandisk Ultra II problem with controller SATA?

the SSD is not incompatible with a SATA controller. As long as the controller meets the SATA spec the SSD should work. Since it has worked for the past 1.5 years this this is not a compatibility issue. 


if the SSD is working in external enclosure the SSD itself is not likely the problem. I would start by trying other SSD or HDD in the laptop and if you have the same issue it is something on the MB that is likely bad. 

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Re: Sandisk Ultra II problem with controller SATA?

Hi, thanks for answer.


Then i think or SSD have a damaged block on a special sector like GPT instruction or like boot instruction, or boot fail after meltdown patch with Lenovo Bios Win10 driver and SSD firmware not upgrade, or i do not know what happen.


I found a solution.

I have erased all SSD partition with computer manager and after with Diskpart from prompt create a new GPT boot record for the SSD.

Use SSD like this have everytime UEFI bug (inside InsydeH20 Bios with UEFI option SSD not appear, appear only with legacy).

Install WIN10 on GPT SSD with Legacy cant be maked for an unknow error of WIN10 setup (with Legacy boot on Bios can be make only with MBR SSD) that cant be installed with GPT.




Then i make a MBR SSD and installed win10, entry on it, download with media tool WIN10 into ISO file (download to make an USB pen setup do not work).

After use WinToUsb to make with my WIN10.ISO a UEFI bootable USB pen that make win10 setup.

Erase SSD partition, also cached, make GPT with Diskpart.

At restart in Bios i have changed boot from SSD Sandisk to my USB Pen with UEFI WIn10 setup (my USB pen is a 8GB Sandisk ^_^''), the with UEFI make by WinToUSB software is bootable also with UEFI option and AHCI on my Bios.

Then is start the WIN10 setup and with UEFI and AHCI set on Bios, WIN10 can be installed into Sandisk SSD with GPT partition.




After this i can upgrade Bios and SSD firmware....