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Re: SanDisk Ultra II 480 died...

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hello from 2020!


just decided to drop in here to tell a few lines about SD product reliability that yet another SD ultra2 960G DIED yesterday, i used it since 2016 though and it is now out of warranty.


yesterday, i powered up the pc to resume some work.. and NADA!  the windows10 logo loading dots went into an endless spin.. so i decided to reset,  nothing ! still the same hang..  before i identified that the cause of all this was this SD ssd, it brought down to a complete standstill my entire system. there was absolutely no way to start win10 in anyway, not even in the repair/recover/safe mode, the windows logo remained always in an endless spinning dot. the only clue win10 gave me was a stop code error: PNP DRIVER WATCHDOG  and it all continued into an endless restart loop with nothing. 


I had to investigate by elimination procedure, by removing first all the possible hardware, pci cards, usb devices. etc  still nothing, no go..   i finally decided to boot up ubuntu from an usb stick, everything started and showed up..  but,  as i have more than 6 ssd connectected on the motherboard, i didn't notice immediatly the faulty ssd drive among them wasn't showing up.   as last step, i decided to remove all ssd drives and leave only the samsung evo i had my windows installation.. and BANG! everything started up just like normal..


i then connected all my ssd's one by one, to finally find out the culprit was this SD ultra2 960G *POS* .. it wasn't showing in the bios list at all..  i changed the cable/connector and mb sata port..  same **bleep**!   DOH!


i have another SD ultra2 960 exactly like this one that is still alive and that i rushed to copy/wipe everything out of it to another drive


this is my last SD product EVER,  good bye.