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Re: SanDisk Ultra II 480 died...

So, after a week of silence no official tests from SanDisks received but words of assurance it is the same productivity (how it is possible?!)
There were a lot of other templated words (you know...)
Just principly decided to refuse proposition of RMA. 


@SanDisk. Conratulation with minus one regular customer...

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Re: SanDisk Ultra II 480 died...

Mine has died too.

was 3 1/2 years old but just keeled over with no warning.

Unable to get any data off it.

Emailed Sandisk and was told as out of warranty they will not do anything.

Have another sandisk ultra 2 in my laptop and now due to this last one dying I have cloned this one just in case.

This will be my last sandisk drive ever purchased. 

The extra cost of a Samsung is probably worth if for the reliability.