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Finding current (manual) firmware

Without WIndoze, Sandisk seems not to offer any way to locate the manual (iso) firmware images.I had hoped that it would at least be possible to view the contents of, but that does not seem to work.


Does the dashboard work under Wine by any chance? Why does Sandisk make simple things so hard? Why aren't the firmware images linked to the page with the datasheet and specifications in the usual way?


Is there someone who can tell me what the currect firmware version is? Perhaps versions since I gather different hardware version are shipped under  the same model number.


Most other manufacturers allow one to search by serial number which presumably properly identifies a drive. Why does Sandisk try to alienate it customers?


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Re: Finding current (manual) firmware

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OK... Just checked 2 systems here...


Dell XPS 1702 Laptop has 2x SSD's:

960  has firmware X41320RL

480  has firmware X41320RL


My Main Edit system (Supermicro Server) has 3 SSD's out of a total of 7 drives (1 SCSI, 6x Sata)


2x 480  as Raid 0, has firmware X31200RL

1x 240 with firmware X41100RL


All drives report being installed the most Current Version of Firmware!!




You know, SanDisk.... You exchanged one 480 Ultra II SSD when I found that the 2 I had -- had dis-simelar hardware and firmware versions.... And I had purchased 2 for use in a RAID 0 Array.   'Support' Indicated that "It Didn't Matter", but after my insistance, Sandisk Exchanged one so that both would be identical.....  But you indicated that you were doing this on a: "One Time Basis"...

I have a 2 Spinning 1TB Segate Drives in a Raid 0 configuratioin that is approaching 6 years of age....  I would seriously consider Purchasing 2 more 960's if I could be guaranteed that they were both the same exact model and firmware!!!!  There is a limitation of 2Gb per array limitation in the Supermicro SATA Code...  I can work with that!!!

I have an EXCELLENT HISTORY with SANDISK ULTRA II SSDS, as individual drives or as a RAID 0 Array!!!!!     

I AM INTERESTED in retiring a spinning raid 0 with another SSD Raid 0.... But I must insist that both SSD's be the same hardware & firmware Version!!!!

Are You, SanDisk, Willing to sell me two IDENTICAL 960's for this Update?


The offer is on the table!!!   Are you willing to take me up on it?


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Re: Finding current (manual) firmware

My 3rd system, an older core 2 laptop with Sata2 controller, also has a 960 in it, but is used only for video capturing, and I did not power it up to examine firmware in it.
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Re: Finding current (manual) firmware

Actually it has 2 drives: boot SSD and a Momentus XT for data storage