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Don't Buy SanDisk Ultra SD Cards - Please

From the number of complaints and enquiries coming in regarding dashcam problems when using SanDisk Ultra memory cards, it would appear that the message is not being heard loud enough.

Do Not Use SanDisk Ultra Memory Cards In Your Dashcam

This does not mean that SanDisk is a bad company and should be avoided, not at all. It means that there is a problem with using the Ultra brand cards in dashcams, a problem that the company recognized and acknowledged quite a while ago, and which they addressed.

SanDisk now makes a brand of memory cards that are specifically for use in dashcams. It is the SanDisk High Endurance line-up. This is the only line of memory cards from SanDisk that you should use in your dashcam. SanDisk have said that no other line of memory card will be covered by warranty if used in dashcams.