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Beat the living Crap out of 2x Ultra II's yesterday.....

I had a paticularly complicated BR Transcode and burn yesterday.... I'd say the computer was on for 15 hours straight, beating the living Crap out of 2x Ultra II's in a Raid 0 configuration....  Doing Multiple Read and Writes to the SSD's..

It's probably the first time I've ever seen the drive lights on the Server be almost continuously on, instead of flashing.... The Separate Ultra II disc acting as a Cache Lookup was also quite active....

Resultant file is a few Mb's shy of 25GB....


You may say Ultra II's are not Raid Qualified..... But they aparantly don't know that.... And they work Beautifully!!!!


Been using them in this fashion for a couple years now.....Not a peep from them!