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Did I brick my SD card with Arduino?(Help😭)

So I accidentally forgot to close the sd card file before deleting it or something like that Smiley Very Happy . And because of this, my SD card is now unrecognizable by any SD module and computer. When I put my micro sd card in the computer(windows 10), nothing appears, instead, my disk management keeps loading forever.

When I try different micro sd cards with the Arduino, they work fine, so the wiring is all correct; my bricked micro SD card is the problem.

I tried to troubleshoot and formatted via the author's SD library. This code. The Arduino formatter says,

Card Size: 1978 MB, (MB = 1,000,000 bytes)

error: erase failed
SD error: 63,0

I got some information about the sd card. I get this error code from SDinfo without removing or doing anything to the sd card:

error: cardBegin failed
SD errorCode: 0X20,0XFF

And strangely, I also get this error from SDinfo when I insert the SD card right away.

Card type: SD2

Manufacturer ID: 0X3
Product: SU02G
Version: 8.0
Serial number: 0X469EC17
Manufacturing date: 4/2012

cardSize: 1977.61 MB (MB = 1,000,000 bytes)
flashEraseSize: 32 blocks
eraseSingleBlock: true
OCR: 0X80FF8000

SD Partition Table
File System initialization failed.

SD errorCode: 0X30,0XFF

So the SD card is ALIVE, but it's in a coma. XD How do I get it out of its misery if it doesn't let me format it or even access its data?

Edit: Shoutout to u/NotTheory, u/be-happier, u/triffid_hunter, u/anotherdonald, and u/ThatHardcoreKid16 for their help. I figured out the problem! Unfortunatley, the SD card is bricked, but I know why and how we can avoid it the next time. It turns out the problem was a lack of a good reliable power supply for the sd card module. I was using the Arduino Pro Micro, and it turned out it wasn't able to output enough current to the SD card. Through more testing(with a new SD card), I found out it was definitely the Pro Micro's voltage regulator; when I try to format a file via Arduino, the Pro Micro struggles to regain access to the SD card after formatting.

Long Story short, just get a good voltage regulator when using SD cards. Smiley Very Happy At least it was just a 2GB micro SD card. 🌺RIP🌺

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Re: Did I brick my SD card with Arduino?(Help😭)

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