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Showing error and my all family pictures are encrypted in vault

I have bought 32gb sandisk cruzer usb flash drive for family pictures backup.i saw sandisk secure acess ver 2.0 in my usb flash drive.i thought to use it.and i created my back up with that .whenn i want to take my pictures back i have entered password and i hve no knowledge waht to do some how i have taken some of my pictures but some of my pictures i am not able to whenvere i am entering password it shows folloeing error............

  A problem occured during the execution of this application

please click ok to send report or cancle to quit


problem data:


function: show Addfilesscreen condition ENCfileSytem::getinstance()->getitemat()


please help me to recover my file


my vault is still there.

i have createdd backup on my pc of vault

but they are in emncrypted form..


do need full