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Re: I don't see anywhere how you decrypt and transfer files off of Sandisk Secure Access

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It is now 2019, and I'm writing this in case anyone else is still having the same problems that the OP (and I) had.


My SanDisk USB Drive is a year old and I can still see no official way of retrieving my saved files, but I have managed to retrieve my folders and files from a roundabout way. 


  • I've discovered that when you drag a file from SanDisk into an awaiting folder on your computer, it copies over fine.
  • If you drag a folder that CONTAINS NO FOLDERS WITHIN IT, it drags and drops fine.
  • However, if you attempt to drag and drop a folder that contains at least one folder it will fail. Or at best, copy over one empty folder.

So, as I said it is a roundabout way of extracting your folders and files, but it's better than having your files so secure that even YOU cannot retrieve them.


TIP: To drag and drop more than one file, hightlight all said files and drag them to their awaiting location. It sounds pretty obvious, but SanDisk will highlight just ONE folder the moment it loses the cursor focus. This could be so off-putting, that you may not complete the drop.