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Two drives installed in RAID by ASUS and neither drive is detectable by SanDisk SSD Toolkit


Any thoughts . . . .

Any Voo-Doo technique for gettng around that . . .


SSD Toolkit virtually worthless!

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Re: SD6SP1M-128G-1002

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You have an OEM SSD. The current SanDisk SSD toolkit only support retail SSD. Also there is not really anything in it beside FW update that you cant get with Crystal Disk Info. FW updates for OEM SSD are only supplied by the OEM not SanDisk so if you are looking for FW update check with ASUS. 

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Re: SD6SP1M-128G-1002

I have a home build with a ASUS motherboard and 2 SanDisk Plus SSDs in a RAID0 array that I bought seprite. My drives are not showing up eather. I am having a problem with windows 10 freezing on boot up. The problem is with using a SSD as a boot drive and having a spinner as a second drive that you have programs installed on. (Microsoft is aware of the issue.) I have tryed turning off TRIM to some effect but its not a total fix. It improved the odds of a boot freez up from 4 in 5 to 1 in 5. I'm hoping a firmware update will help but I can't pull up the drives to be able to download one and make the ISO. Help. Harry Smith...