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Long Diagnostic returning status code 2

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I meet a problem on a 2012 Asus zenbook UX31E, SATA 3, Win Seven SP1. The SSD is a "SanDisk SSD U100 256GB". Micrologiciel 10.01.02, health : normal. TRIM activated.


The computer have never been really used. Dashboard gives a 100% of remaining live for the SSD (Power-on hours count =194). The disk is more than 50% empty since the beginning.


The problem I meet, more and more as the time passes, is sudden and unpredictible hangings. Most times the computer freezes and remains freezed forever unless I press the on/off button for six seconds. Some times there is a blue screens that I haven't time to read, that is followed by a restart and a complete checkdisk that seems to report no error, but that I have no time to read at the end, because windows doesn't stop on it...


I allready had such apparent problems in the time, with very worns HDD that where loosing more and more sectors. But we see this is no HDD and that it is brand new. Unleast 5 years can passively alter SSDs, or this perticular SSD?


A fast SMART diagnostic returns no errors. A long one returns a status code 2. I cannot find any explanation of the codes returned by the SanDisk Dashboard, or any related problem with this specific code. That is where I am stuck and I come here to be helped.


For now I just can see two directions : reinstall Win and if it does nothing, change then SSD... It is a complex and/or expensive solution, and I am not even sure of the result...


Any advice is welcome.


EDIT : I'have found here an older message with this error code. I dig this.