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Re: Dashbord not finding my SSD

@McHunter wrote:


after updating from version to Dashboard aborts its start with the Message that no supported Device was found.



Modellzeichenkette: SanDisk SDSSDA240G
Seriennummer: 162734407012
Maximale LBA: 468862128
World Wide Name: 5001B444A40865C7



My Board is an ASUS A88X-Pro with AMD A10 7860K an 16 GB Cosair DDR3...

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Re: Dashbord not finding my SSD

As I have the same Board and CPU here my Solution wich has been working for me:


I have found the Probelm and an Solution.


1. Download the AMD SATA Drivers Version from 19.03.2015 from the ASUS Homepage for the Mainboard

2. Change the SATA Driver to the Microsoft Standard SATA Drivers

3. Remove the OLD AMD SATA Drivers from the windows driver pool ( with DriverStoreExplorer.v0.9.10 or something else)

4. Install the NEW AMD SATA Drivers.

5. Have Fun


When I was updating the driver, the version from 29.03.2015 was always installed (which came with the chipset drivers) instead of the version from 19.03.2015 (which I found after some search on the ASUS page) because the date was newer. First had to find out how to remove the older version from the windows driver pool.