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Appears to have bricked my drive

Was planning on doing a clean reinstall of Windows so downloaded this to do a sanitize of the drive.


It tool a few seconds and then said it was done, thought this was a bit odd as I had read it could take multiple hours.


I then restarted my PC and the drive is not being detected by the BIOS, but is showing up in windows with a size of 0mb.


I have tried initializing it but it either says file not found or drive is not big enough.


Is it dead? And if so is this covered by warranty?

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Re: Appears to have bricked my drive

if windows sees it then it should be detectable in the BIOS.


What does disk management say about the drive? Does it show any RAW unpartitioned space?


If it is still under warranty sandisk should be able to replace it if you cant get it working.