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After update to no Volumes Detected



So I just upgraded SSD Dashboard from 1.4.3 to

I am running Windows 10 Pro. Initially using the built in update feature it failed the install so I manually redownloaded the installer from the Sandisk website.

Only issue is that now when I open the dashboard it seems to detect my SSD at the top of the interface but in the Capacity and Volumes boxes under the Status tab it shows the drive as if it is brand new and empty. Capacity shows all space as unallocated and the Volumes box says "There are no volumes on the selected drive.


The drive is in use and only has around 150GB left out of the 448 detected.


Can anyone help? 

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Re: After update to no Volumes Detected

This feature is the reflection of windows "Disk Management".

Can you open Disk Management and see how your drive show up ?

Can you click on the refresh button on the Dashboard ?

Can you reboot your system?


Let me know if you still have the issue.