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Optimus Eco™ 2.5” SAS SSDs as ESXi 5.5 Flash Cache

Has anyone use the Optimus Eco 2.5” SAS SSD successfully with ESXi 5.5? We have a couple of these drives installed and configured as vSphere Flash Cache. Initially using 20 GB of the 400 GB (372 GB reported in vSphere) drive successfully for a few days and then vSphere started to report the Flash Resource has 0 bytes free out of 0 bytes capacity.


Under Virtual Flash Resource  Management in vSphere Web Client the drive still shows as a backing device with 372 GB capacity. However the management and allocation side of the vSphere interface shows 0 bytes free out of 0 bytes capacity.


VMware tech support do not want to work on this issue because the SanDisk Optimus Eco 2.5” SAS SSD is not on their SSD compatible list.