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eye-fi card nor readable

I bought an eye-fi card early this year, and until now it has worked very well!

Last night I was going to shoot some photos and the camera wasn't able to write in the card.

I switch off the camera and remove and insert the card. Then I switched the camera on and right away I got the "FOR"(mat) message on the camera's LCD. Not even with the USB card read I got access to the card. It gives me back the option to format the card.


Since the card has some software along with the photos folder, is it OK to format the card? Will the card work without the software in it's root folder?


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Re: eye-fi card nor readable

Sorry I did not catch this posting earlier!


The software installed on the EyeFi card is an executable file for that first time it is used. Once the EyeFi software is installed on your computer, you can safely format the card, either via the PC or by using the format command on your camera.


The EyeFi software is available online if needed. Sometimes, it's possible that the file system (FAT) can be corrupted, leading to an unrecognized card. Hopefully, your photos, up to the point of this glitch happening, have been transferred to the computer.


Go ahead and format the card, or you can try repairing the FAT via the chkdsk utility on the computer, or via Windows, click on properties > Tools > Check Volume For Errors, and see if the card will respond.


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