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SanDisk Eye-Fi wireless memory cards


The SanDisk® Eye-Fi™ wireless memory card makes transferring photos and videos from your camera−effortless. No more forgetting your memory card in your camera for months and not remembering what’s on it. When you’re on the go, you can instantly transfer photos and videos from your camera to your nearby smartphone or tablet. And when within range of your wireless network, your photos and videos will glide seamlessly to your computer. You can then organize and share to your favorite social media and online sites. The SanDisk Eye-Fi wireless memory card does the work for you.




• Wireless transfer from camera to Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone.
• Automatically back up and organize photos & videos
• Store photos and videos with 4 GB* or 8GB* of memory.
• Upload photos & videos through fast built in Wi-Fi.
• Effortlessly Share on your favorite social media sites.
• Simplicity. Get set up in just minutes.

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Re: SanDisk Eye-Fi wireless memory cards

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Eye-Fi Inc. makers of the world’s first wireless memory card, today announced an exclusive distribution agreement with SanDisk, a global leader in flash memory storage solutions.


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Re: SanDisk Eye-Fi wireless memory cards

My 4Gb Eye-fi SDHC card does not work reliably.  Sometimes it uploads to my iPad and MacBook from my Canon Eos 1100D but most times it doesn't leaving me to download directly via a card reader.  Not much point paying extra for the eye-fi.Smiley Frustrated

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Re: SanDisk Eye-Fi wireless memory cards

I have not used my wireless memory card for some time and would now like to use it with my iPad. How can I pair them if I can't remember the original password? Is there a password re-set facility somewhere.

I also need to download the correct software for my iPad, how can I do that?

Any help gratefully received.